Removable prostheses

As in all our work, we focus on aesthetics, which is extremely important whenever we meet a demanding patient. Our prostheses are adapted to individual looks, characteristics and requirements of a patient. 

See ceramic solutions, alternative to acrylic prostheses

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  • top quality cosmetic composite teeth, which are additionally adapted with colouring,

  • a unique, three-colour acryl of high quality, which provides the separation of the natural three zones of periodontium – cervix, attached gums and the mucous membrane zone; then even the most ‘gummy’ smile looks natural, and

  • custom-made arrangement of teeth agreed with a patient (diastems, light deviations in occlusion, delicate disproportions), which deepens the natural final effect of work.

Owing to our cooperation with the patient and work in an articulator, we reproduce the effective occlusion function, often lost long ago by a patient.