Ceramic crowns and bridges

This work is performed on various types of foundations. For single crowns, they are made fully ceramic, depending on the clinical needs and conditions, with the welding or pressing method. Bridges are produced up to 14 points, with 2-year guarantee for workmanship and 5-year for the material (applies to zirconium).

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Our foundations are designed anatomically and modelled with our advanced CAD/CAM system. It protects our work against any porcelain splinters and span breaks. The materials used for the foundations feature variegated properties and aesthetics, however their production guarantees the accuracy and tightness on a comparable and high level.

A zirconium foundation guarantees top aesthetics of work, while keeping its high durability. To obtain even better visual effects, we die zirconium with various colours and apply three levels of its transparency (white non-transparent, of medium transparency and of high transparency, almost light transparent). Owing to the suitable quantity and quality of drills, our milling machine is capable of producing very accurate zirconium caps, to guarantee 100% fitting if the pressure is correct, while a dental surgeon’s time and nerves are spared. At the consecutive stages, the zirconium foundation is covered with porcelain with scanning or milling, depending on the use of the welding or the modern pressing method (according to the latest tests, the pressed ceramics is more resistant than the welded one, as it eliminates chipping, i. e. the splinters of porcelain on lateral sections). In case of severe bruxism, it is possible to produce aesthetic crowns on the lateral sections made fully of zirconium, obviously after the detailed analysis of the case.

The titanium foundation, alike the zirconium one, is produced fully with the CAD/CAM technology, where the ineffective cast of titanium is replaced with its milling, therefore the structure is very light and tight. Titanium is a hypoallergenic, bio-compatible and light material, whose aesthetic qualities are definitely worse than zirconium. However, it is cheaper, therefore recommendable on lateral sections.

A golden foundation is cast based on the milled cap made of synthetic wax, therefore it is much more precise that the one produced traditionally, even without the use of CAD/CAM. Gold is the material that is very friendly to periodontium and bacteriostatic; therefore, it may be applied in difficult clinical situations (susceptibility to periodontosis, deep inter-tooth pockets) and to produce crown-root inserts. In terms of aesthetics, golden work is much below zirconium, however it does not cause the cold and dark discolouring at the gums, as is often the case with metal alloys.

Foundations made of the Cr-Co alloy are an excellent combination of quality and price. Owing to the use of the CAD/CAM system in the production process (as for gold, the metal foundation is cast on the pre-milled precise structure of the specialist wax), even the metal work can be much more accurate and tight. It is an economic solution, where the high aesthetics is not a priority.