Fully-ceramic crowns

They cover the whole, and not just the front surface of a tooth, which is necessary in case of its larger damage due to decay, injury or inborn imperfection of enamel. They are made completely of cosmetic porcelain, without any metal foundations used in popular ‘porcelain crowns’, which often add the effect of a dark edge of a gum, making our smile less attractive.

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Metal in an oral cavity often causes allergies and ailments, whose causes are difficult to determine (e. g. if several types of metal are present in an oral cavity, you can experience the metallic taste in the mouth, a burning sensation, numbness and red marks).

Porcelain is a biologically friendly material of properties that are similar to the natural tooth enamel, while the appearance of an inlay that does not contain the metal foundation is incomparably better, as it imitates the natural teeth very well and behaves in various lighting exactly like enamel.

Of course, much depends on the experience, manual skills and the expertise of a technician and the technology of a crown production. The standard of our laboratory is to achieve best aesthetics while maintaining the durability, so that an investment in a smile is returned many a time during the long years of use.