Porcelain facings

Porcelain facings are made of very thin covers, only 0.5-1mm thick, that are mounted on teeth. They provide the significant improvement of appearance, particularly of front teeth, remove gaps between teeth, by extending, highlighting and lightening them.

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It is a non-invasive and lasting method of closing gaps between teeth. The final effect makes it possible to smile broadly and cheerfully. This effect can be checked by placing test facings made of a composite on teeth – we can use and show them to our friends and family for several days. They are removed after several days by a dentist without any problems and with no damage to the teeth proper. To install the final facings, teeth have to be sometimes slightly ground (e. g. if they have to be levelled), even though we often apply them on the original, intact surfaces of teeth with special glue, without any risk of ‘losing’ them.

The aesthetic level and the durability of facings depend to a large extent on the dental technician who works with the doctor. They should have broad experience and almost artistic manual skills, to model them perfectly and to choose the ideal shape and colour adapted to the other teeth. This work is conducted based on the individual cast received from a physician.

In our laboratory, you can watch the work of a technician during every step and consult the visual details of your facings. We can guarantee very high durability and resistance of our facings as well as any work offered by our firm, provided the clinical work, i. e. by the dental surgeon, is performed correctly.