Crowns on foundations

We provide them in case of teeth that are seriously damaged, strongly discoloured, weakened due to the occlusion defects, dead (after their reinforcement) or filled many times and exposed to breaking. The foundations are also applied for bridges, i.e. when we want to fill in gaps based on the teeth adjacent to the gap.

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Foundations are necessary then to strengthen the bridge structure. A crown on a foundation restores the function and strength of a tooth, by capping it on all sides, and provides it with excellent appearance, which can be matched individually by adapting it ideally to other teeth.

The most aesthetic are the crowns on the zirconium foundation. Zirconium is a white metal that does not cause the bluish, dark colouring at the gum and does not cause any allergies, unlike the commonly used chromium-cobalt alloy. Moreover, the computer technology (CAD/CAM) applied by our laboratory enables to obtain the accuracy unheard of in regular ‘crowns on metal’, and thus the ideal adjustment and tightness in your mouth. These elements are not cast but rather cut (milled) precisely by a specially designed complex device. This process provides 100% guarantee of no access for bacteria or food remnants under the crown and no follicles or roughness that might occur during the casting process. As a result, it is not possible that our crowns might get loose or even fall out.

Depending on the conditions in the oral cavity, we also apply foundations made of titanium (hypoallergenic, bio-compatible, light and economic material designated mostly for the lateral sections and implants), gold (bacteriostatic, tissue-friendly, precious alloy of the warm dental colouring) or the Cr-Co alloy (for economic reasons or as the temporary filling).