With our CAD/CAM system we are capable of designing ideally a custom-made location of an arch at individual points, thus gaining the optimum aesthetics and functionality. 

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  • implant forms,

  • custom-made zirconium connectors,

  • prostheses on locators,

  • telescope prosthesis on implants, including with an intermediate telescope of Teflon, which is an economic equivalent to galvano, giving the potential to restore friction (abrasion, holding), i. e. durable, cheap and fast cement. This special type of Teflon is a patented material admitted for applications in the oral cavity. The method is competitive on the prosthetic services market.  

We apply a number of systems: 3I, Strauman, Nobel Biocare, Astra, Lifecore, Bego, Zimmer, Dentsply Ankylos, Oraltronix, Mezo and DeguDent Compartis Isus (the system of milled work screwed on implants with a connector – the capacity to construct very extensive bridges with large unevenness of pillars (implants) without any loss of aesthetics and with the ability to maintain the work after losing one of the implants).